The VPC team have been working non-stop on our next projects, we're now ready to reveal the latest news and updates on our progress:


► VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle Update

VPC are continually pushing our desire to work as close as possible with the community to create the products that everyone wants to see.

It’s been made very clear to us that a high quality, multifunctional throttle unit is one of the community’s most anticipated products. As such we’ve realised our responsibility to provide our customers with a product that best meets their expectations.

We’ve been carefully reviewing the requests we received after our new VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle design was revealed, which led us to swapping a toggle switch for a 5 way mode toggle. This further increases the programmability found in the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle. 

We had also noted a very large number of requests for LED lighting on our throttle. Due to this, we’ve decided to redesign the housing, faceplates and electronics to accommodate the community’s desire for programmable LED lighting! 

To facilitate these large changes to the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle, we hugely regret that the target release date is now postponed until Q1 2018. 

Updates including demonstrations of the LED lighting system will be revealed in the near future, along with confirmed release dates.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback and suggestions on the design of our products!

Stay tuned for further updates. 

► Introducing the VPC WarBRD

VPC and BRD are pleased to announce our first collaboration project - the VPC WarBRD!

The VPC WarBRD is the newest generation of desktop flightsticks perfect for piloting any warbird to it’s highest potential! Featuring the latest iteration of BRD’s world famous compact, all metal, dual-cam mechanics and VPC’s own highly versatile electronic systems.

Being equipped with the same connector standard and electronics as the VPC MongoosT-50® ensures complete compatibility with VPC’s existing and future grips without requiring any adapters or modifications

The VPC WarBRD will be positioned below the VPC MongoosT-50® in the VPC product lineup to become the ultimate desktop joystick at an affordable price. 

Targeted for a release in Q1 2018, more information including a full overview of the VPC WarBRD features, specifications and pricing will be released in the near future. 

Stay tuned for more news on the VPC WarBRD!

► VPC Configurator Light Software Release

The VPC Configurator Light software is now available for download! 

This is the basic version of the VPC Configurator software, designed to allow for precise calibration and tweaking of the axes found on the VPC MongoosT-50 Flightstick, as well as allowing firmware updates to add more features, fixes and compatibility with future grips. 

Click Here to Download

The user guide can be found here:
VPC Configurator Light - User Guide

We are continuing to develop the full version of the VPC Configurator software which will include features such as shift states, mode creation, button mapping and more.

Stay tuned for more news soon!