VPC are proud to launch our new range of space-sim focused devices, dubbed the VPC Constellation Series. These devices are aimed specifically at satisfying the needs of even the most demanding space-sim pilots! 

The VPC Constellation Delta will be the first release of the Constellation Series. The Constellation Delta is an ambidextrous entry level space-sim grip designed to be used on the existing VPC MongoosT-50 Base and all future VPC Bases without needing any adapters or modifications. It features a range of controls and space-sim focused features including:

  • • Dual-Stage Trigger
  • • 8-Way POV Hat (With Programmable LED Lighting)
  • • 2 x 5-Way Hat (4-Way + Push)
  • • 1 x Analog Stick + Push
  • • 1 x Scroll Wheel + Push
  • • Optional Twist Axis


Combined with the VPC Configurator, shift states and modes can be configured to increase the total button count. The LED lighting can change to reflect the selected mode.

The VPC Constellation Delta is perfect for a dual stick setup, combined with a left or right hand VPC MongoosT-50 Grip or even as a standalone stick with throttle. 

VPC will continue to expand the Constellation Series with more devices  in the near future - as always, we’re interested to hear what the community wants to see! 

The VPC Constellation Delta is scheduled for release in Q1 2018 with pricing information to follow shortly.

Stay tuned for further updates!