Today VIRPIL Controls are pleased to introduce the next evolution of the VPC MongoosT-50 Grip, the MongoosT-50CM (Серийная модернизированная / “Standard Upgraded”) Grip. 

This grip aims to more accurately replicate the look and feel of the real grip based on suggestions we’ve received from the community. Changes include:

  • • Russian Button Labels
  • • Remodeled Brake Lever
  • • Remodeled Flip Trigger
  • • Remodeled Buttons
  • • Black Hats, Main Trigger and Wrist Rest


The VPC MongoosT-50CM will be available for 179.95 EUR from 30th October.

Other changes in the VPC MongoosT-50 Grip lineup, based on popular demand, is that we will begin offering a left hand VPC MongoosT-50 LH Black Edition also from 30th October.

Finally, there will also be a price drop on the standard VPC MongoosT-50 Grip to 139.95 EUR!

Stay tuned for future announcements!

VPC Team