VIRPIL Controls have been working hard to improve and expand every aspect of the company and subsequently the  overall experience delivered to our customers.

We’ve noted every request, suggestion and comment made to us over this year and one that has came up time and time again is about additional distribution centers in the EU.


We are very pleased to announce that we now have a distribution center located within the EU!


We are also very excited to announce that sales from our EU distribution center will initially be handled exclusively by the official VIRPIL Controls Amazon storefront. In addition to this, we will also be launching our own EU store website to run alongside this in the future.


The benefits of this are;

  • Prices now include VAT

  • Faster shipping

  • Quick and painless ordering process via Amazon


We are currently in the process of stocking our EU distribution center and sales will open on Amazon, 18th September 2017!


Stay tuned for further updates!