VPC are pleased to announce that on Monday 16th January 2017, our official website will be open for pre-orders!

Available for pre-order will be:

• VPC MongoosT-50 Grip & TMW Adapter - €159,95

• VPC TMW Extension (50mm/75mm/100mm) - €24,95 

• VPC Desk Mount - €34,95

- TMW Mounting Plates (Base or Throttle) - €9,95


We will also be offering a huge 15% grand opening discount for our pre-order customers.

VPC Founders Club members will also receive a 5% discount on all virpil.com orders including pre-orders. Want to become a VPC Founders Club member? Sign up at www.virpil.com before midnight February 1st!

Finally, we are very excited to announce that all pre-order customers who have liked and followed the VirPil Controls Facebook page will automatically be entered into our grand opening prize draw. 

We will be giving away 1x MongoosT-50 grip, 1x VPC TM Extension, 2x VPC Desk Brackets to customers who have pre-ordered the respective product. Customers who pre-order all 3 products will have a chance to win any or all of the prizes!


Complete information on pre-orders and the prize draw will be available on 16/01/2017 at www.virpil.com.