VPC MongoosT-50 Electronics

The components used in the MongoosT-50 control systems are of a proprietary design courtesy of the VirPil Controls design team.

The system consists of:
• VPC-Controller
• VPC 360° 16-bit Digital Sensors (iGMR-Based Angular Sensor)

At the heart of the control system you will find our VPC-Controller. This is based around a modern RISC AVR processor provided by Atmel. Capable of 16 million instructions per second. Data updates for axes positions and button presses are processed at 500 times per second.  

Supporting up to 8 axes and 128 buttons, the VPC MongoosT-50 electronics will be able to support any future VPC grips.  

The controller is compatible with both Windows and MacOS PCs, connecting via USB 2.0. The controller is automatically recognized without requiring any prior driver or software installations. 

The VPC sensors use contactless iGMR (magnetic field) technology, based on the latest ADC chips offering 16-bit precision. The sensor chip controls the DSP processor at a speed of 8 million instructions per second and connects to the controller via a 4wire proprietary comms protocol. The resulting accuracy is a huge 32,000 readings per 360 degrees in 1 count steps (0.01° / count). The resulting accuracy across the joystick’s travel means movements as small as 0.006° are detected!

Our VPC-Config software meets the needs of every player, transforming the VPCockpit controls into a fully configurable professional flight tool. More information on this in our next announcement. 

Stay tuned for further announcements at the VIRPIL.COM website.