VPC MongoosT-50 Mechanics - innovative, adjustable, precise

The mechanics/gimbal are often the most criticized component of any joystick. Even with many different designs and approaches, it has been impossible to please everyone. However, with our design we believe we are closer than ever.

Our engineers have designed a compact and elegant solution that allows virtual pilots to control their aircraft with unmatched levels of precision. Both the X/Y axes operate on their own independent cams, with co-axially mounted springs which provide completely separated loading forces. Made from aircraft-grade duralumin, the mechanism is both lightweight and durable.

Our mechanism provides a huge range of adjustability. Each axes spring tension is adjusted via hex socket bolts, which can even be adjusted on-the-fly through the access ports on the top plate, negating the need to disassemble the joystick or replace any springs.

Included are 2 different cams; hard-center and soft-center, which can be combined to create your desired stick feel.

The maximum stick deflection is 15º+15º on both axes which provides a sufficient travel range for high levels of accuracy without compromising practicality.

Complete instructions on how to adjust the stick perfectly for your needs will be available on VIRPIL.COM.

The joystick can be used in a number of configurations: on the desktop with the VPC base plate, center mounted/side mounted with the VPC desk mount, or floor mounted which will require DIY fitting to your own setup. 

The VPC MongoosT-50 flight stick (base and grip) will be available from March 2017 for €289,00.

 Stay tuned for further announcements at the VIRPIL.COM website.