Introducing the VPC MongoosT-50 Flight Controller - The dream of every virtual pilot.

Only yesterday this was just a dream, but soon, you could be one of the first virtual pilots to take to the skies with our brand new flight controller based on fifth-generation Russian fighter jets.

Today, VIRPIL.COM are pleased to announce our debut flight controller; the VPC MongoosT-50 which consists of a flight stick, dual lever throttle unit and singe-axis rudder pedals. All of which are built with our very own high precision, fully adjustable  and all-metal mechanisms.

Using a combination of unique engineering solutions, high-tech equipment and materials, alongside the fastest and most precise electronics available, VIRPIL.COM can help virtual pilots realize the true potential of their aircraft.

With our revolutionary VPC desk mount, you can transform your computer desk into a full blown simulator cockpit - the VPCockpit, in just a matter of minutes. Allowing ergonomic placement of the flight controls, you will minimize the need to use the keyboard, allowing you to concentrate on the action!


Stay tuned for further announcements at the VIRPIL.COM website.