Hello VIRPILs!

Due to our continued growth which has resulted in VIRPIL Control’s reaching further than ever before - it has become apparent that we need to upgrade and modernise our support portal system which has unfortunately been encountering issues.

We’re pleased to confirm that we will be launching our brand new support portal will not only handle support queries and communication with the VIRPIL team, but will also feature a knowledge base hub and file downloads center to keep everything centralised. This will continue to be expanded with more resources as time goes on.

We will make every effort to ensure that no existing open ticket gets lost in the swap, but we would like to request that if you currently have an open ticket and do not hear back from us, to alert us via our new support portal!

We hope our new support portal will prove to be a valuable resource to the VIRPIL community as well as enabling more fluid communication with our customers!

The old support portal will no longer be accessible and the new portal will take over on the same URL - https://support.virpil.com. There may be some downtime during the switch.

If you have any questions, or issues with existing tickets after the new portal has launched, please let us know via https://support.virpil.com or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

VIRPIL Controls Team