Hello VIRPILs!

We are pleased to announce our next addition to the VIRPIL Controls grip lineup - the VPC MongoosT-50 CM2!

In the almost 2 years of production, our VPC MongoosT-50 grip has gained incredibly popularity amongst atmospheric flight and space flight sim pilots! Over this time we’ve received a number of comments on changes people wanted to see on this grip design.

We have listened to the feedback and have made some adjustments to create this new evolution on the MongoosT-50 grip:

The most notable change has been that the thumb button has now been replaced with a 4-way + push hat. The face hats have been replaced with 2 x 4-way + push hats, and 1 x 8-way + push hats. The index hat has also been upgraded to include a push function on the 2-way hat.

The flip trigger has also been modified to include a non-tactile sensor to register a button input when it is in the “up” position.

The triggers are now manufactured with an enhanced polyamide material to increase their durability.

All hats found on the MongoosT-50 CM2 grip are now high quality ALPs units for increased control and durability. The number of bindable buttons from the original grip has increased from 23 to 35* allowing for greater versatility no matter what aircraft you fly! The complete control set includes:

  • - 1 x Dual-stage trigger
  • - 1 x Flip trigger (1 x tactile button in the down position and 1 x non-tactile button for up position)
  • - 4 x Momentary buttons
  • - 3 x 4-way + push hat
  • - 1 x 8-way + push hat
  • - 1 x 2-way + push hat
  • - 1 x Brake lever (analogue axis)

* Note: The increased button count will not be detected by the TMW base.


The VPC MongoosT-50CM2 grip will be available for purchase at the end of February 2019 restock (more information available here: https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/142-worldwide-webstore-restock-date/) for 149.95 EUR.

Thank you for your support!
VIRPIL Controls Team