Hello VIRPILs!

The "What Grip Should VIRPIL Make Next?" giveaway poll is now closed. We've had 899 entries in total and lots of great comments and discussions!

It is great to hear directly from the community what you want to see - the overall poll winner was the "Upgraded Constellation Space Sim Grip" with the "Modern Western Fighter Grip" coming in at a close second! Don't worry if your dream grip didn't win the poll - we're very excited to build a complete lineup of interchangeable grips to suit every user.

We've compiled a list of everyone who has voted on the poll and we will be using https://www.randompicker.com/ to conduct the draw on the 4th January at 6PM GMT

Three VIRPIL forum users who voted on the poll will be chosen sequentially, at random:

  • • 1st Winner - VPC WarBRD Grip
  • • 2nd Winner - Unannounced VPC Grip
  • • 3rd Winner - Unannounced VPC Grip


We will contact the winners over our forums to collect the required information. The VPC WarBRD Grip winner will be sent their prize at the end of January, the other two winners will have their prize confirmed along with a date when these unannounced grips have been revealed during Q1 2019! 

Thank you everyone for your support, comments and suggestions!

VIRPIL Controls Team