After launching our new webstores yesterday, unfortunately we experienced some issues both on the EU and Belarusian sides of our stores.

First, we would like to clarify the new stores and what they are intended for:

  • - This is our Belarusian webstore intended to serve our EuAsEC customers only (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia). The prices shown here include Belarusian VAT (20%).
  • - This is our new EU webstore and warehouse based in Lithuania. This store can only dispatch to EU customers. These prices also include EU VAT, and orders will be delivered directly to your door rather than requiring customs clearance.
  • - This is our main webstore, again based in Belarus. However it is intended to serve all other customers around the world not previously covered by the previous two stores. The prices shown here are listed without any VAT to ensure our international customers get the best price possible. Any orders (as was previously) will pass through your country’s local customs office and may be subject to additional local taxes.


Secondly we’d like to update the status of our new webstores:

Unfortunately, we encountered some issues with our payment gateways on all webstores. Our and webstores were using our existing ASSIST payment gateway integration as we’ve done previously. Unfortunately they have encountered to system issues which they are working to resolve ASAP. These issues are:

  1. There are difficulties accepting payments from certain countries as reported by our customers. The exact list of countries affected is being clarified and we hope to have resolved with ASSIST within 72 hours.
  2. ASSIST’s Mastercard 3D-Secure validation is currently being worked on - as such they cannot process these cards for the time being. We will be updated with news regarding this ASAP.


There was also a bug where attempting to register on redirected to instead, causing some confusion. This has now been fixed.


Our EU store also encountered a hiccup with our integration regarding the ease of order placements. The EU store is running an entirely new platform which we’re working hard to resolve as quickly as possible.


We would also like to request patience from our customers regarding support tickets - due to the issues stated we have been overwhelmed with messages which we are working very hard to catch up with, on top of getting our sites back up and running 100%!


Thank you all for your patience,
VIRPIL Controls Team