As many of you have noted over the past few weeks, the VPC team have been rather quiet compared to usual - however, this is not due to us taking a break! We have been working on some very exciting developments ahead of our upcoming product releases.

Introducing the Official VIRPIL Controls Production Factory

Say hello to the brand new VIRPIL Controls production factory! In our endeavour to create the best flightsim controls available, we have been working behind the scenes to open our very own production factory in Belarus. We will be able to control every aspect of prototyping and production including metalworking, plastic casting, electronics installation, mechanical assembly, testing and ordering.

This will ensure that we can maintain the highest possible production quality and speeds!

Our factory is scheduled to open April 2018.


Introducing the VIRPIL Controls EU Official Webstore!

Another new development that we’ve been working on behind the scenes is our much demanded, new VIRPIL Controls EU webstore.

Orders to our VPC EU webstore will be dispatched from our Lithuanian warehouse, with VAT and customs duty already included and will feature cheaper, and faster delivery to EU destinations via DPD.

We will also be accepting payment through PayPal and the usual online card methods through a secure online payment gateway.

We will announce the official opening date of the VPC EU webstore in the near future!


What does this mean for our upcoming products?

Our VPC MongoosT-50 Throttle, VPC Constellation Delta Grip and VPC WarBRD are very close to official release - however, our main efforts recently have been devoted to the opening of our factory and EU webstore. We want to usher in a new era of VPC with these developments to ensure that we can provide the best experience possible for our customers!


Stay tuned for further news,

VPC Team