The VPC MongoosT-50's new set of cams, targeted towards space-sim pilots!

Designed initially with atmospheric flight sims in mind, the VPC MongoosT-50 cams exhibited an increasing non-linear tension towards the outer edges of the sticks deflection. This behaviour allows for greater control of of the aircraft as you can feel when you are coming up to 100% deflection easily, granting the pilot the ability to fly right on the limits based on muscle memory alone.

The VPC MongoosT-50 Flightstick has also become popular with many space-sim pilots as well - pilots that prefer different control nuances for absolute accuracy. As standard atmospheric flight physics do not apply in space, we've been requested to create a new set of cams to account for this.

VPC are very pleased to announce, that in our continued efforts to supply the community with what they really want, we have successfully designed a new set of CosmoSim cams for the VPC MongoosT-50 Flightstick!

These results were created with the VPC MongoosT-50 Flightstick, 125mm (50mm + 75mm) extensions with the medium springs, and pre-tensioners loaded 1/2 of max. Different extensions and springs will change the total force required of each cam, but the response curves should remain relatively consistent.

Our new CosmoSim cams exhibit less of a center detent than both the 1-Dot (40% less) and 2-Dot (25% less) cams and the force required at the outer edges of deflection is also significantly less than both the 2-Dot (40% less) and 3-Dot (55% less) cams.

The force required at max deflection is slightly increased over the 1-Dot cams (12.5% higher) to aid in the overall centering and performance of the cam due to the lack of a center detent.

These cams will be available for purchase from our webstore!