The VIRPIL Controls team are proud to present the final version of the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle, based on the modern Russian fighter jet.

Realising that a new throttle is one of the most anticipated flight sim devices, we introduced an early concept in October 2017 for feedback from the community. This version was tested at MAKS-2017, not only by ordinary visitors to the expo, but also combat pilots and members of the top aerobatic teams.

None of our previous devices have received as much feedback and community wishes as the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle - the VIRPIL Controls team expresses great gratitude to all the virpils who took the time to provide feedback on the previously released concepts. Your help has enabled us to bring the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle closer than ever to the ideal design!

The final revision changes:

  • • The following significant changes have been made:
    •  − Added LED backlighting which includes 3 mode  and can be disabled entirely.
    •  − Throttle axis mechanics have been completely redesigned, and are fully adjustable. This includes a tension adjustment and each lever has 2 completely customisable (and removable) detents.
    •  − The length of the throttle handle stem has been increased.
    •  − The base layout has been modified; the base has been widened by 2cm to allow for more comfortable operation of all the available controls.
  • • The main LED modes are Red, Green and combined for the final mode. We would like to hear from the community how you would like the LEDs to operate (and controlled) so that we can make the firmware accordingly.
  • • Due to these extensive changes, there may be some change on the previously announced price - this will be confirmed closer to the release.
  • • The release is scheduled for the end of the Q1 2018.
  • • Today - not just concepts, but renders of the final model are shown. These renders correspond to the exact model which has been sent for manufacture.


Unfortunately we were not able to fulfill every wish and desire for the VPC MongoosT-50® Throttle - however, the feedback will help shape our future products as well!

Stay tuned for further news on VPC products!


VIRPIL Controls