VPC (VirPil Controls) was started in 2016 by Andrei Lukyanov, a long time flight sim enthusiast in Belarus. The VPC team comprises of designers, engineers, software developers and virtual pilots from Belarus, Russia and the UK. We want to bring in a new class of high-end, high precision flight controllers and accessories to the consumer market.

We aim to involve the community throughout the development stages of our products, with frequent announcements and updates. We listen to all comments and suggestions so that we can provide the best possible products.

Our pre-production devices are tested in one of the leading industrial laboratories to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability. The pre-production controllers are then refined in close co-operation with well-known, experienced virtual pilots flying the most popular flight simulators.

Our mission is to provide a real sense of happiness to the virtual skies.
VPC MongoosT-50 – Our first project, named “MongoosT-50”, derived from the Russian name “МангусТ-50” (“Мангуст” for Mongoose, and “T-50” for the Russian modern fighter jet) aims to create a flight controller based on the T-50 Russian fighter jet. This control set includes the Flightstick, Throttle and Pedals.

VPC Constellation Series - A series of devices aimed at the newly revived space-sim genre. Designed to be used on the proven MongoosT-50 Base, these devices will provide a wide range of space-sim orientated features.

The Future... - VPC are always listening to, and interacting with the community; your comments and suggestions will help shape the future of our product lineup.
The VirPil Controls team expresses special gratitude to Vladimir “DVik” Grigoriev for participation in the initial stage of the project. His knowledge and professional skills helped to realize some of our ideas.

We wish Vladimir immense success in his future endeavors!